Tree MaintenanceStructural Pruning- used commonly for the all-around health of your tree, no matter the age. This method helps to prevent tree failure and disease by removing the weakly attached limbs, dead limbs, and low vigour limbs. A light thinning of the canopy is taken into this technique to allow air circulation, as well as to prevent these issues from reoccurring.
Clearance Pruning- this technique is used both cosmetically and for safety. The uses for this expand broadly; utility lines, roadways, branches too close to your building, for your satellite dish, or the view to the lake. This method could include a crown reduction to lower the overall height of the tree and/or raise the canopy to allow for adequate clearances.
Dead-Wooding- commonly used for public safety, tree appearances, and overall health of trees. Consisting of the removal of all dead, dying, or diseased limbs and branches.
Fruit Tree Pruning/Production- while most tree pruning techniques avoid causing stress to your specimen, this particular technique promotes it. Causing stress to your fruit tree creates heavy fruit production. However unwanted epicormic growth increases making it beneficial to annually prune. Pruning your fruit tree is best performed just prior to bud break, typically late winter or early spring. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Cabling & Bracing- supporting your trees from future and/or further failure. We use the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques in our industry to achieve tree support. From bolting weak branch unions and physically installing steel cables and/or non-invasive cables to your trees, to limb and tree support systems. (i.e. tree stands, and the guy wiring them back). Please contact our Certified Arborist for more information.
Hedge and Shrub Pruning- we offer full hedge and shrub care. We have the tools and skills to get that desired look you want.
Line Clearing- with years of experience around energized lines, we know the potential hazards that come with line clearing. Being trained and having the proper protective equipment, our staff can safely and confidently remove and prune those trees away from your power lines to get adequate clearance for your safety and protection for your lines. We also offer new right-of-way clearing for future power line construction.
as there are many types of pruning, we advise you to contact our Certified Arborist to help decide what best suits your pruning needs.

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